40 Countries to protest against Monsanto in a Global Ralley.

An estimated 200,000 Monanto activists in a world wide ralley will protest the actions of the biotechnology giant, on the 25th of May, 2013;  accused of genetically engineering agriculture and food while ignoring their potentially deadly .

The ralley is organized by the March against Monsano movement and spans six continents, 40 nations and at least .  The activits will be protesting the  lack of action from governments on the issue, activists in hundreds of cities – including New York, Chicago, Montreal, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Moscow and Melbourne – and will stage coordinated protests against Monsanto and demand a ban on Genetically Engineered and Genetically Modified (GE/).

Social media has played a large role in developing the march from a event into a although some sabotaging efforts have taken place by Monsanto sympathisizers.

March Against Monsanto Director Nick told the Natural Society that genetically engineered food could affect everyone, even the apathetic: “What we’re trying to do is bring awareness to and the health effects that they’re causing and bring about some solutions about what people can do to take back their food supply,” he said. “They’re expecting more than 15,000 people in San Francisco alone… We want to get people working together in their communities.”

With the protest approaching, organizers have accused Monsanto of going on the offensive and wrote on the event’s page that the mass rallies had not been cancelled, a they accused Monsanto of spreading.

Events are disappearing, posts are being put on city event pages that say events are being cancelled,” said Tom Canal, an administrator for the March Against Monsanto page, according to the Organic Prepper blog. “In no way, shape or form, has any event been cancelled. I believe Monsanto is behind this. Some of the people on the page that are commenting have newly made profiles and seemingly those profiles were made strictly to cause problems and get a rise out of our participants on the page.”

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