86% of polled Americans want to protect bees

pollinatorA new poll released by the FM3 firm has specified that Americans appear to be concerned about and the current environmental devastation associated with their loss.

According to the poll, an overwhelming majority (86%) say that and other are important to America’s . Half of the survey respondents (56%) consider the declining of and other to be a serious problem; following only concerns around costs (76%) and jobs and the economy (75%), and on par with the problem of gas prices (55%). Seventy % of respondents felt it was primarily human behavior, including increased .

“The poll results show that Americans are very concerned with pollinator losses, as they should be. Every one in three bites of food we eat is dependent on pollination. The White House must show strong leadership on reversing these losses, and direct EPA and USDA to take quick, meaningful action to protect these creatures, starting with the suspension of neonicotinoid insecticides being a critically necessary action.”

The poll results are clear. “We conducted a rigorous national survey and our findings highlight that Americans are concerned about declining pollinator . Policymakers should take these findings seriously,” said Paul Maslin, principal investigator with FM3.



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