African Centre for Biosafety reveals GM contamination of baby food.


The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) on the 5th of May released results of GM testing on and cereals. The tests confirmed by an independent and accredited GM testing laboratory reveal a high level of GM in Purity . In contrast Nestle’s infant formula and cereal reveal that Nestle is proactively avoiding GM .

None of the infant were labeled as containing , a under South African labeling law, with Purity’s Cream of Maize testing positive for 56.25% ; and Purity’s Purity Baby First testing positive for 71.47% .

Purity has also marketed itself as more expensive than non GM infant cereals and products with a price difference of approximately 250%, illustrating the fact that GM free products are an affordable , if were provided with a choice based on accurate labeling of ingredients.

The ACB is petitioning the civil society for a ban on GM food in light of the deceptive and fraudulent labeling practices that put and their children at risk. The can be accessed here: ACB PETITION TO BAN GMOS.

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