AGENT ORANGE to be distributed through South African Corn Crops

Myriam Mahet, the Director for the African Center for Biosafety in South Africa, is sponsoring a petition to prevent trials of Dow Chemicals GMO crops that contain the same herbicide ingredient, 2,4-D,commonly known, as Agent Orange which was used by the United States in their Vietnam War combat. Agent Orange is extremely toxic, is manufactured by Monsanto, another bioengineering company and its main herbicide product before it modified its operation to genetically engineer GMO crops and has several serious life threatening health consequences ranging from birth defects and cancer and can cause other serious illnesses.

Ms. Mahet, has implemented a petition to ban agent orange GMO crop in South Africa, unfortunately a similar petition in the United States which gathered 267,600 signatures had no effect and crop trials were allowed to proceed, despite the controversy the corn product has stirred with the American public.

The concern is that there is no labeling of GMO content in products and the cumulative health effects of food products that contain the agent orange crop have not been evaluated in any long term effective health studies. Consumers would not have any personal choice in choosing a GMO vs non GMO products containing agent orange as there is no ability to view what the actual ingredients are of products that are potentially fed to vulnerable children, toddlers and the elderly, or a person who has a compromised immune system.

A whistle blower former employee has recently exposed some of Monsanto’s practices in a radio show on the food network. The interview can be accessed through the following link:

In this interview, the former employee describes that there really was no effective assessment of the long term health consequences of using GMO products, described that failed crops were fed to cattle that entered the human food chain in the US, without the negative consequence or cumulative effects of the health consequences of failed crops being evaluated and addressed other serious concerns.

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