Amino acids lower blood pressure and arterial stiffness, improving heart conditiions

heartaminoacidA new study, published by the University of East Anglia (UEA), has revealed that amino acids from plant sources in particular improve heart conditions.

Scientists analyzed the impact of seven amino acids among 2,000 women with a healthy and used data obtained from TwinsUK, the biggest UK adult twin registry of 12,000 twins.

who consumed the highest intake of amino acids from plant based sources had lower blood pressure and lower arterial . “Beneficial daily amounts included levels equivalent to a 75g portion of steak, a 100g fillet or a 500ml glass of skimmed milk.

“Increasing intake from -rich foods such as meat, fish, dairy produce, beans, lentils, broccoli and spinach could be an important and readily achievable way to reduce people’s risk of ”, said Dr Amy Jennings, from UEA’s Norwich Medical School, said: “This shows a protective effect of several amino acids on cardiovascular health.

“Results from previous studies have provided evidence that increased dietary may be associated with lower blood pressure. We wanted to know whether from animal sources or plant-based sources was more beneficial — so we drilled down and looked at the different amino acids found in both meat and .

“We studied seven amino acids — arginine, cysteine, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine, leucine, and tyrosine. Glutamic acid, leucine, and tyrosine are found in animal sources, and a higher intake was associated with lower levels of arterial .

“All seven amino acids, and particularly those from plant-based sources, were associated with lower blood pressure.

“The really surprising thing that we found is that amino acid intake has as much of an effect on blood pressure as established lifestyle such as salt intake, physical activity and alcohol consumption. For arterial , the association was similar to the magnitude of change previously associated with not smoking.

“High blood pressure is one of the most potent for developing . A reduction in blood pressure leads to a reduction in mortality caused by stroke or — so changing your diet to include more meat, fish, dairy produce and pulses could help both prevent and treat the condition.

“Beneficial daily amounts equate to a 75g portion of steak, a 100g fillet or a 500ml glass of skimmed milk,” she said.


A. Jennings, A. MacGregor, A. Welch, P. Chowienczyk, T. Spector, A. Cassidy. Amino Acid Intake Is Inversely Associated with Arterial and Central Blood Pressure in Women. Journal of , 2015; DOI: 10.3945/%u200Bjn.115.214700

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