Bavaria goes GMO free, joins the EU network of GM free regions.

bavOn the 10th of April the Dr. Marcel Huber, ratified a , (GM), free agreement in conjunction with the President of the GM free network Maura Malaspina.

Bavaria now becomes member 62 in the network which includes 18 regions from France, 13 from Italy and every province in Austria. The majority of the population is against due to the unknown risks, which have not been adequately clarified.

Dr. Huber was adamant in Bavaria’s position towards organisms, (), at a GM free network conference. ” 62 regions, a thought, we decline the implementation of in our agricultural fields. For our quest to make our own we need allies all over Europe. Joining the network is a symbolic move with significant political recognition for the Bavarian people. Bavaria stands for high quality regional and seasonal food produce. The concept of is not compatible with nature and the small agricultural structure of our province”, said Huber.

Huber specifically warned against taking a soft position with regards to in light of the planned with the U.S., which does not food produce. “We have asked the network in negotiations to use our standards protecting people and the environment as the regional benchmark. We decline a common market with unilateral standards for food produce”, said Huber.

Hessen is the next province expected to join the GM free network.


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