Brown Trout breeds with Frankenstein GE Salmon

A new study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society has found that transgenic Atlantic salmon can cross-breed with a closely related species – the .

Once the two the GE Salmon passes these traits to the . The study evaluated the number of transgene and determined that approximately 40% of the hybrids carried the modified genes.

The researchers found that in the laboratory, the genetically modified salmon could breed with the . Of the 363 fish analyzed at the start of the experiment, about 40% of the hybrids carried the modified genes and that these developed extremely quickly.

Dr Darek , from the , Canada, said: “[Under conditions] the transgenic hybrids grew faster than the wild salmon, wild trout and wild-type hybrids. The GM hybrids also outgrew the GM salmon.”


between genetically modified Atlantic salmon and wild reveals novel . Proc. R. Soc. B vol. 280 no. 1763 20131047

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