Bulgaria maintains ban against the cultivation of GMO corn in Europe.

gmfreeBulgaria’s parliament in 2010 voted to amend its existing law and to completely ban the cultivation of (GM) crops for scientific and commercial reasons in response to consumer demand.

At the time of the ban the ruling party, (GERB’s Parliamentary group), promised to maintain the . “There will be no field on the country’s territory where GMOs can be cultivated,” said Kostadin Yazov of GERB’s parliamentary group. Fines were raised up to one million levs (511,325 euros) for violation of the law.

In response to a 2014 European Union by the to overturn the ban, challenging its legal nature, the Bulgarian prepared a draft for the Council of Ministers to maintain the decision to ban the cultivation of MON 810 maize.

Minister Grekov voiced his to crops and was adamant that Bulgeria has no need for crops expressing his concern for the of crops.

“Local varieties are a valuable source of genetic variability . In the cultivation of and conventional maize ( hybrid or local variety) at distances from each other less than those provided for in current law on GMOs , there is a theoretical population of conventional corn to be genetically “contaminated ” with transgene maize ‘ said Minister Grekov.




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