California GM bill fails.

evansCalifornia one of the largest agricultural states in the United States failed to pass a bill that would require labeling of genetically modified food. On Wednesday, the California Senate refused to pass Senate Bill 1281 by two votes in the 40 member chamber.

The bill authored by Senator Noreen Evans simply proposed that all distributors who sell food in the state to label their products if any of the ingredients were made with genetically-modified (GM) organisms. The bill would have excluded alcohol and food sold at farmers markets.

“This bill is a straightforward, common-sense approach to empowering consumers,” said Evans. “If the product contains GMOs, label it. We shouldn’t be hiding ingredients.”

The Genetically modified labeling bill was supported by a variety of groups ranging from organic food producers and environmental organizations.

Monsanto in 2012 spent $ 46 million to convince California voters not to vote for Proposition 37, a ballot initiative that would have mandated GM labeling.

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