China cracks down on GM herbicide residues; military bans purchase of all GM food products.

images (1)China has recently made headlines with its stringent safeguards against , (), food and turning away thousands of tons of produce from the United States.

Based on consumer complaints of stomach discomfort after consuming soybeans the Radiation Medical Science Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Medical Science and the Beijing Union Hospital commissioned a third party qualified institution to analyze the agricultural contained in soybean food and soy sauce processed from soybeans.

The soybeans analyzed originated from Argentina and contained 3.908 mg/kg glyphosate and 3,364 mg/kg AMPA (a secondary metabolite of glyphosate).

The institute specified that China does not have acceptable minimum standards for agricultural chemical residue levels found in soybean food , relying instead on the international agricultural chemical residue standard. In order to measure the amount of glyphosate and AMPA that the average consumer is exposed to on a the institute carried out an analysis of soy sauce samples purchased at supermarkets. The results reflected that soy sauce contained 0.133 mg/kg of Glyphosate and 0.089 mg/kg of AMPA, 3.33 times the level of residue found in soybean food .

In May the Chinese military announced that all military supply stations were only allowed the purchase of non- grain and food due to safety concerns over GMOs. Citing the precautionary principle the Hubei Province Xiangyang City website announced:

“During recent years, as China’s grain and market has continuously developed, certain grain and products have entered the market. In view that the safety concerns about grain and products in China at present has not yet been determined, in order to overall assure the of military members residing in our city and safety of their drinks and food, in accordance to the request from the Guangzhou Military Command Joint Logistics Department and the Provincial Military Grain & Food Supply Center, from this date all military supply stations are allowed to only purchase non- grain and food products from the designated processing enterprises. It is forbidden to supply grain and food products to military units within their administration areas.”


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