Consumer Union attacks FDA GE Salmon assessment as flawed.

indexOn the heels of the ’s report criticizing the generically engineered assessment, the consumer union has issued a strong statement stating that the assessment is seriously flawed.

“The EA states that the has found that the is safe to eat. However, we are deeply concerned that the potential of these fish to cause allergic reactions has not been adequately researched. has allowed this fish to move forward based on tests of allergenicity of only six engineered fish—tests that actually did show an increase in allergy-causing potential,” stated Michael Hansen PhD, Senior Scientist with Consumers Union. “Further, there have been no safety testing of fish grown in Panama, where Aquabounty intends to raise the . The of fish can be affected by growing conditions.”

“We are also concerned that puts great weight, in their finding of ‘no ’ on the fact that the engineered would be sterile females. However indicates that only 95 percent of the may be sterile, and the rest fertile. When you are talking about millions of fish, even one percent comes to thousands of fish. Moreover, perhaps even more important, the fish at the facility in , Canada would obviously not be sterile—otherwise they could not produce ,” Hansen states.

“We are further concerned that consumers will in many cases not have any way to avoid this fish if they want to. While is required by law to be labeled as to in , this does not apply to fish markets or restaurants. While in consumers could avoid fish from Panama, where this will be grown, they will not have this ability when eating out or buying at a ,” Hansen said.


Consumer Union Press Release

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