Consuming milk chocolate linked to lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

milkchocA new study published in the Heart journal specified that eating chocolate every day is associated with a lowered risk of . Dark chocolate flavanoid antioxidants have long been hailed for their beneficial effect in protecting against certain .

The participants consisted of 158,000 people from the EPIC-Norfolk study, which followed men and women in Norfolk, England for an average of nearly 12 years. Fourteen percent of participants experienced either a stroke or .

In general researchers determined that more chocolate was associated with a impact including lower weight, waist-to-hip ratio, systolic blood pressure and inflammatory proteins; less incidence of diabetes and more . .

People who consumed more chocolate had an 11 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease and 25 percent lower risk of associated death. They also had a nine percent lower risk of or death resulting from , a 23% lower risk of stroke, a 25% lower risk of any episode of cardiovascular disease, and a 45% lower risk of associated death. In addition the inflammatory level throughout the body was measured, and those participants who ate the most chocolate had an 18% lower risk than those who ate the least.

The researchers specify that positive are dependent on the risk profile of the individual, including baseline weight and dose of chocolate intake.


Habitual chocolate consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease among healthy men and women, Chun Shing Kwok et al., Heart, doi:10.1136/heartjnl-2014-307050, published online 16 June 2015.

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