Dark Chocolate impacts on people with Peripheral Artery Disease.

darkchocolate1Peripheral Artery Disease consists of a narrowing of the peripheral arteries to the legs, stomach, arms and head and cause a chronic condition impeding on the mobility of patients. Chocolate has been featured in a number of studies where the anti-oxidant impact of certain compounds has been examined on . A new study has determined that increased the mobility of patients affected with peripheral artery disease.

The patients were aged 60-78 and they were tested by placing them on a in the morning and again after two hours after eating 40 grams of dark and chocolate on separate days. The contained a cocoa content of more than 85 percent containing a larger percent of polyphenols. The chocolate had a cocoa content with less than 30 % with fewer polyphenols.

The improvements witnessed in the study, (increased mobility, biochemical of lowered oxidative stress), was attributed to the higher percentage of polyphenols contained in . The benefit of polyphenols is “of potential relevance for the quality of life of these patients,” said Lorenzo Loffredo, M.D., the study’s co-author and at the Sapienza University of Rome in Italy.

“Polyphenol-rich nutrients could represent a new therapeutic strategy to counteract cardiovascular complications,” said, Francesco Violi, M.D., study senior author and professor of internal medicine at the Sapienza University of Rome.

The researchers recommend a larger study to confirm the results.


Lorenzo Loffredo; Ludovica Perri; Elisa Catasca; Pasquale Pignatelli; Monica Brancorsini; Cristina Nocella; Elena De Falco; Simona Bartimoccia; Giacomo Frati; Roberto Carnevale; Francesco Violi. Acutely Improves Walking Autonomy in Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease. Journal of the , July 2014 DOI: 10.1161/%u200BJAHA.114.001072

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