Eugene Oregon, first city to ban neonicotinoid pesticides.

pest1Neonicotinoids pesticides are widely linked to bee colonies collapsing on a global scale. The City of Eugene Oregon is the first community in the nation to ban these pesticides and came in response to the Oregon State legislature passing a pollinator protection bill.

In addition to neonicotinoid restrictions, the City’s resolution also expands Eugene’s -free parks program and now requires all departments to adopt integrated pest management (IPM) standards. The goal is to protect the of children in the community and expands the current Parks and Open Space Division’s -Free Parks program from 10 to potentially 40 parks, and requires IPM on all city property.

The resolution specifically notes that “children and infants may be especially sensitive to risks posed by pesticides for several reasons: (a) their internal organs are still developing and maturing; (b) in relation to their body weight, infants and children eat and drink more than adults, possibly increasing their exposure to pesticides in food and water; and (c) certain behaviors, such as playing on floors or lawns or putting objects in their mouths, increase a child’s exposure to pesticides used in homes and yards.”

With regard to the neonicotinoids pesticides, the resolution refers to recent suggesting a possible link between pesticides that contain neonicotinoids and the die-off of plant pollinators, including honey bees, native bees, butterflies, moths, and other insects.

Eugene’s current actions are a result of the city stepping up its environmental policy, which was implemented in 2003 and committed the city to protect, preserve and restore the natural environment.


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    One thought on “Eugene Oregon, first city to ban neonicotinoid pesticides.

    • May 10, 2014 at 12:29 pm

      Here are my thoughts being a Professional Beekeeper and Published Author
      Look at the facts regarding honeybees versus pesticides (neo-nic`s) here in the UK;
      • If it was neo-nic`s it would be local, only beehives within approximately 2 miles radius to that area where neo-nic`s are grown would be affected or die. The honeybee demise is widespread across the whole country including cities.
      • Common sense indicates it would mean a neo-nic`s crop would have to be every four miles through most of the year, all across the UK.
      • Beehives within cities or miles away from neo-nic`s would not be affected and yet they too, suffer and die out.
      • Lobbyists with an agenda for any chemical/neo-nic`s ban, who are not beekeepers but dress up as beekeepers when outside Parliament are using false claims with inner city beekeeping against rural beekeeping and yet if beekeepers were asked, they would inform you of honeybee colonies dying in any environment, inner city or rural.
      • France banned neo-nicotinoids in 2008 and yet the honeybee decline continues.
      • Dr Denis Anderson states; quote, “Australia is one of the biggest users of neo-nicotinoid insecticides in the world, and our bees are not in decline”, unquote.
      • Bumblebees were used in laboratory tests NOT honeybees. (EMF is not considered).
      • Laboratory tests overdosed the bumblebees with pesticides (neo-nic`s) now being flawed; if science cannot prove a fact then an opinion is formulated so an assumption is made to what is happening to ALL bees in the wild.
      • When field tests were done it was found to be inconclusive. This proves my point.
      • In other laboratory tests Dr Geraldine Wright at Newcastle University force-fed worker honeybees this action led Professor Janis Ratnieks, Sussex University to state, I quote; the doses used are greater than that found in nectar and pollen, unquote.
      • The media then use this opinion and assumption twisting or only using part of an experiment report in making it factual scaremongering. The more people talk, read or repeat, the more it becomes a factual answer and yet the original laboratory report was only an opinion and assumption.
      • Pollen tested from beehives near to neo-nic`s, only a millionth of a millionth was found on a pollen grain, this is not enough to give any honeybee an upset stomach leave alone kill 80,000 honeybees in each of my colonies
      • BBC Countryfile or The Wonder of Bees interviewed all responsible parties for the above information and is available on BBC, i-Player.
      • Beekeepers actively take their colonies to neo-nic’s oil seed rape for building up the colony or for an early spring crop of honey and yet there is no detrimental effect to their honeybees.
      • Too many assumptions are made by uneducated personnel (lobbyists) who do not keep honeybees where the pressurised media then make it fact, allegedly.
      • Common sense and logic when considered appear to overcome stupidity and yet the masses are easily misled. One media article and everyone become experts.
      • My colonies are by and where pesticides are used and yet my honeybee colonies are not dying.
      • The parasitic varroa mite is a key reason for the honeybee demise but not the main reason.

      I have found the real answer for the honeybee demise that is global and yet the answer and solution is so simple.

      We expect the honeybee to see the world we see and yet if we were to look through the eye of a honeybee you would see a completely different world.

      If you would like to know more please contact me at

      My hypothesis has upset the Chemical Industry, Professional Honeybee Science, Beekeepers and Lobbyists.

      Nobody likes hearing the truth, however HONEYBEES DO NOT LIE.

      Thank you for your time.


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