FDA announces Chicken of the Sea Tuna recall.

The U.S. announced a voluntary recall of Chicken of the Sea brand 5-ounce cans of chunk white in water.

The seams on the of the cans do not meet the standard for seam quality. Cans that do not meet seam standards could result in product contamination by spoilage organisms or by , which could lead to illness if consumed. There have been no reported illnesses to date, and Tri-Union Seafoods, the manufacturer, is issuing this voluntary recall to ensure the highest and quality.

The specific product being recalled is Chicken of the Sea Brand 5-ounce chunk white in water sold at retail nationwide in single cans between February 4, 2013 and February 27, 2013.

The (also known as the bar code) is found on the label of the product and is 0 48000 03355 0. The Best By date is printed on the bottom of the can and is 01/18/17. The product lot codes that are part of this voluntary recall can also be found on the bottom of the can and include:

3018CACCKP 01/18/17
3018CAECKP 01/18/17
3018CB3CKP 01/18/17
3018CADCKP 01/18/17
3018CA2CKP 01/18/17
3018CA3CKP 01/18/17
3018CA4CKP 01/18/17
3018CAACKP 01/18/17
3018CABCKP 01/18/17

“The and safety of our consumers is paramount. As soon as we discovered the issue, we took immediate steps to issue this voluntary recall by alerting our customers who received the product and by asking them to remove it from store shelves,” said Shue Wing Chan, President of Tri-Union Seafoods.

Consumers looking for additional information can call our 24 hour Recall at 1-800-597-5898.



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