drugs-22237_640The Service has reported the results of an appeal case where the mother sued the school district and the heath district in St. Lawrence County Supreme Court in New York for vaccinating her without her mother’s consent.

The ruled against the , stating that the Public Readiness and (PREP) “did not extend to a situation in which a administered a drug without consent.” The appealed the decision and the concluded on Nov. 21 that PREP pre-empts state law claims, and overturned the decision. According to , the decision stated that during a declared , “we conclude that Congress intended to preempt all state law tort claims arising from the administration of covered countermeasures by a qualified person pursuant to a declaration by the Secretary [of Health and Human Services].”

Essentially the Court has announced that the Federal Government can trump state law and violate a parent’s right to consent and force vaccinations during a “”.

Let’s analyse the Federal Governments ability to protect the public from harm for a minute. The Food and drug administration is the federal agency meant to prevent harm and protect the public health. There was a declared when the public was advised to inoculate their children against the vaccine.

However, have been released that demonstrate that the FDA knew that they were releasing and inoculating children with an unsafe vaccine. The can be accessed here.

But when first vaccines were licensed against polio, there were 50,000 children a year being paralyzed in the United States. And an admittedly imperfect vaccine was put out that itself caused polio, very rarely, and produced a lot level residuum of disease in this country.” 

Any court decision that allows a Federal Government that deliberately deceives the public to inoculate their children against a parent’s informed wishes exposes children to further harm.


Court House News Service


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