Flame retardant removed from Gatorade in response to online petition

An online petition from 15 year old Sarah Kavanagh, resulted in PepsiCo removing brominated vegetable oil, (), from .
PepsiCo claims that brominated vegetable oil is used to keep the citrus flavor from separating within the liquid. Sarah began the petition as the ingredient used is a flame retardant.
Kavanagh’s petition entitled “: Don’t put flame retardant chemicals in !”, has over 200,000 signatures and stated: The other day, I Googled “brominated vegetable oil.” It was the last time I drank Orange . I found out that this “” is a controversial that is in some drinks! Who wants to drink that? Not me!” … http://www.change.org/Gatorade

The European Union has not approved for and its use has been banned in Japan and India. The FDA has since 1977 approved  on an interim basis as a  food additive, pending further study. Its can be accessed on the here.
Professor Vetter, from the University of Hohenheim, Institute of has suggested that the US voluntarily ban in its . In his 2010 study he analyzed the product ingredients available in Germany where is banned. However, sodas originating from the US are still readily available due to the US .

A person who daily consumed 2-4 L -containing soft drink could suffer from severe bromism. A case study point to serum bromide levels at 3180 mg/L (39.8 mmol/L). The toxic symptoms were headache, fatigue, ataxia, and which progressed over 30 days.


Change.org petition

FDA status





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