France acts quickly and renews ban on Monsanto’s Mon810 GM maize.

France created a new temporary ban on the cultivation of ’s Mon 810 corn on Friday. The prior was annulled by the French . At the time the vowed to find of implementing the ban. France’s president has voiced his strong support for the ban and opposition to the cultivation of the genetically engineered Maize. Anti-GMOs had called on the to act quickly, concerned that farmers may sow the plants sometimes dubbed as “”.

The ’s request to the EU Commission was based on “significant risks for the environment” shown in recent scientific studies, and that it was acting conservatively in advance of spring sowings. The decree banning MON810 was due to be published on Sunday.

“Because of the approach of sowing, the decided today to take a conservative measure to temporarily ban MON810 maize on national land in order to protect the environment,” Prime Minister Francois Fillon said in a statement.

France, by far the EU’s largest grain grower, invoked a so-called clause, reviving a ban put in place in 2008 and overturned by the country’s highest court in November on the basis that it was not sufficiently justified.

France, which holds a presidential election next month and where is fiercely opposed to genetically modified organisms (GMO), had asked the last month to suspend the authorization to sow the maize (corn), the only GMO crop allowed for cultivation in the European Union.



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