France completely bans GMOs.

francegmoFrance took the final steps on Monday and completely prohibited the cultivation of any variety of genetically modified corn in the country.

The total ban comes on the heels of France renewing its prohibition on the cultivation of Monsanto’s Mon 810 corn. The prior prohibition was annulled by the French . At the time the vowed to find of implementing the ban. France’s president has voiced his strong support for the ban and opposition to the cultivation of the genetically engineered Maize. Anti- had called on the to act quickly, concerned that farmers may sow the plants sometimes dubbed as “”.

The French Senate voted on a law already adopted by the lower house of parliament last month that banned maize (corn) cultivation, even though it has been cleared at European Union level, saying it poses a risk to the environment.

“This law aims to give a to our country, to ensure that a ban is applied,” the French agriculture minister, Stephane Le Foll, told the Senate at the start of the debate.

The law was previously adopted by France’s lower house of Parliament and extends to any strain adopted at EU level in future including another variety, Pioneer 1507 developed jointly by DuPont and , scheduled to be approved by the EU executive later this year after 19 out of 28 member states failed to gather enough votes to block it.



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