France implements steps to increase GMO ban.

franceIn response to the increased concern expressed by the French public, France has launched a new campaign to enhance and increase its prior ban on GMO crops which was only limited to Mon 810.

Last year France created a new temporary ban on the cultivation of ’s Mon 810 corn on Friday. The prior prohibition was annulled by the French .
At the time the  vowed to find  of implementing the ban. France’s president has voiced his strong support for the ban and opposition to the cultivation of the genetically engineered Maize. Anti-GMOs had called on the  to act quickly, concerned that farmers may sow the plants sometimes dubbed as “”.

This time a Senator has submitted a draft law calling for the absolute ban of the cultivation of any genetically modified ban which includes the insect-resistant maize known as Pioneer 1507 developed jointly by DuPont and Dow Chemical, slated for approval by the EU later this year despite considerable opposition by its member states.

The proposed draft legislation could be voted by the Senate as soon as Feb. 17 before being passed to the lower house. The bill proposes that the ban would be monitored by inspectors and that any GMO crops would be destroyed.

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