GM contamination in Canola and organic soy products found in Japan.

Two varieties of fugitive GM corn, Monsanto’s Roundup Ready GM Canola and Bayer’s Liberty Link canola were found growing by the roadside between Yokkaichi port and Matsusaka city in Mie Perfecture Japan.

Aichi Japan, a non-GM association, facilitates protest actions by citizens concerned about imported genetically modified canola and the threat to the local biodiversity and food safety.

A clean up operation was organized by Aichi Japan and Japanese citizens gathered together and walked along more than 15 kms along the highway in order to clean up the unwanted GM canola. Regular clean up operations were implemented since 2004 and with an increased spread of GM canola through out the region over the years.

The plants that were gathered in this particular clean up operation were tested and it was determined that the level of GM transgene contamination found in wild canola plants was high.

Aichi Japan, has expressed their considerable concern to the Japanese government regarding the transgene contamination threat to local plants, and has received a considerable lack of support.

The Japanese government agency recently tested 76 certified organic soy-based products and detected genetically modified material in 25 of the products. The discovery, which was widely reported in Japan’s newspapers, highlights Japanese consumers’ continued concerns over GM foods and could negatively impact U.S. exports of organic soy to Japan if the contaminated soybeans are of U.S. origin. The source of contamination could not not be determined.

The Center for Food Quality, Labeling and Consumer Services (CFQLCS), which is part of Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) conducted the tests on 47 tofu products and 29 natto fermented soybean products sold in retail stores and produced by 25 manufacturers. The products had been certified by Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS), which requires that foods labeled as organic not contain GM ingredients. GM material was found in 20 and five natto products. GM material was undetectable in seven other natto products because the modified DNA was broken down in the fermentation process.


Non-GM association Aichi:

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