Fugitive GM plants found in GM free Switzerland.

Swiss farmers and consumers have implemented a complete ban on . There is a of any and the Swiss Farmers’ Association have asked for an extension of the until at least 2017.

However, fugitive (Canola) is growing along the and the river port of Basel.

The contamination was confirmed in a recently published study which found the presence of GM canola in railway areas in four separate and distinct areas and in the river port area of the city of Basel.

Researchers speculate that contaminated seeds were spilled from or during the transfer of goods from to trains, resulting in the growth of a fugitive canola population which is environmentally contaminating the Swiss landscape.

More and more countries are documenting the pervasive spread of transgenic contamination. The European union has specifically implemented the Cartagena Protocol to address any incidents of unauthorized GM release and trans-boundary contamination; however, the policy so far has been ineffective.




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