FutureLife fails to label its GMO products


FutureLife, the product, advertises itself as South Africa’s first low GI energy meal to contain clinically tested moducare and advertises itself as containing 25 vitamins and minerals, 19 amino acids and Omega 3 & 6.

The food label specifies that the product may contain genetically modified ingredients. The African Center for Bio-safety (ACB) has expressed outrage at the misleading labeling.

Food producers, importers and packager are required by South Africa’s Consumer Protection act and its regulations to label GM food and marketing materials where the genetically modified GM content is at least 5%. The regulations became into effect on the 1stof October 2011.

The independent GMO-testing facility at the University of the Free State on behalf of ACB conducted several thorough qualitative PCR screenings: GMO double screens for the ACB in respect of a number of food samples and specifically found that Futurelife Energy meal, is, ironically, the only product that tested 100% positive for GM maize. It also contains 36.13% of GM soya.

This type of food labeling blatantly flaunts South Africa’s GMO food labeling laws.

Source: Picture African Center for Biosafety

2011 South Africa’s Consumer Protection act

African Centre for Biosafety. 2012. Outrage as GM labelling laws flouted in SA

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