Glyconutrients and their positive health impact.

Products are marketed on a daily basis touting the health benefits of certain products that contain glyconutrients. The terminology can be confusing as glyconutrients are usually referred to as a carbohydrate alternative to sugar. There are a number of essential glyconutrients and include glucose, galactose, mannose, xylose, fucose, N-acetyl glucosamine, and n-acetyl neurominic acid.

The research in past years has been substantially lacking in the effectiveness of glyconutrients; however, with the recent exponential explosion of glyconutrient supplemental products on the consumer market that focus has changed.

Current research supports the fact that glyconutrients have a positive health benefit including influencing brain function by enhancing neurological health and function and enhancing concentration.

Some glyconutrients such as Mannose have been implicated in a positive immune response and the research suggests that d-mannose is an excellent alternative to antibiotics as it reacts against pathogenic bacteria.

The existing research supports the positive health impact of glyconutrients. Some products have touted glyconutrients as an alternative treatment method for a wide range of diseases. Those claims have not been verified by independent credible research and in 2007 the Texas Attorney General filed claims against Mannatech, one of the leading companies that advertises glyconutrient products. The lawsuit alleged that Mannatech unfairly deceived consumers with its glyconutrient health claims, which promised cures for serious illnesses. According to investigators, the defendants encourage product user “testimonials” that touted their supplements’ alleged healing effects to deceive consumers.


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