GM Banana Human trials receives condemnation from 150 global organizations and scientists

gmbananaAn open letter, from the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA), directed at the Bill and Melinda and the University of Iowa, who is conducting human trials on a banana, has condemned the human experimentation. The letter has received support from 150 consumer organizations and scientists and can be accessed here

The banana human trials are funded by the Bill and Melinda . Iowa State University has been designated as the hot spot for human trials under the direction of Dr. Wendy White. The modification consists of adding beta-carotene to the banana to produce additional vitamin A. The purpose is to support the release of bananas into Ugandan farms and food system, met with wide scale protest by Ugandan policy advocates.

“Just because the banana has been developed in Australia and is being tested in the , does not make it super! Ugandans know what is super because we have been eating homegrown -free bananas for centuries. This Banana is an insult to our food, to our culture, to as a nation, and we strongly condemn it,” said Bridget Mugambe, a Ugandan and AFSA Policy Advocate.

The letter highlights that there is no consensus from the scientific community as to the safety of .


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