Hershey’s committing to simpler ingredients; announces transition to GMO free ingredients for some products.

darkHershey’s, the U.S. chocolate conglomerate; has announced a commitment to simpler . The company has also announced the launch of new products that will be and contain no artificial colors, or corn syrup and the removal of artificial and emulsifiers and transition to rBST free and non genetically modified sugar.

The company’s actions appear to be in response to wide spread consumer demand and a petition launched by inside to remove as demonstrated by a statement on the Hershey website:

“As a consumer-centric company, Hershey continually looks to meet the needs of its customers and consumers. One of the things we are actively exploring is replacing high-fructose corn syrup with sugar in some products. This work is just underway and we do not have a timeframe established. Our aim is to be transparent with our consumers about the we use in our products. Once we have more information to share, we will be back in touch”.

Green America Food Campaigns Director Nicole McCann stated: “We congratulate Hershey’s on this important move and great first step. As one of the leading chocolate companies in the U.S., this commitment will help move the rest of the companies in this sector. Hershey’s joins , Unilever, Post Foods, and other leading companies in responding to consumer demand to make at least some of its products non-.”

“Hershey’s needs to take the next step and go non- with all of its chocolates, and get third-party verification for non- . This includes sourcing from cows not fed and agreeing to prohibit any synthetic biology , starting with vanilla,” stated John Roulac, co-chair of Inside. “Consumers are increasingly looking for non- and verification, and Hershey’s and its competitors would be wise to offer third-party verified non- to consumers.”



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