Hershey seeking to replace high-fructose corn syrup in response to consumer demand.

hers have become increasingly aware of the impact of high on their ; are reading lacbels and avoiding products containing high .

Hershey in response to consumer demand is looking to replace the high- in some of its products with sugar.

“We take into account what want. And are telling between the two, they prefer sugar,” Will Papa, chief research and development officer at The Hershey Co, said.

Hershey has not announced a time frame for the switch but intends to follow the example of the manufacturers of Yoplait and who have moved away from sugar.

“Our aim is to be transparent with our about the we use in our products. Once we have more information to share, we will be back in touch,” Hershey said in its statement.

Consumer of high fructose products has slowed in part due to a decreased of .



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