Humboldt County in California passes measure P banning the growth and production of genetically modified organisms.

gmo freeOn the 4th of November voters in Humboldt County passed a , with 59% of the votes, banning the growth and production of in the county. Humbold county is a predominantly rural region with dense forest, mountains, and the largest amount of coastline in California.

The ballot was submitted for election as a result of 8,500 gathered by the Committee for a free Humboldt. The Humboldt County Genetic Prevention Ordinance “prohibits the propagation, cultivation, raising, or growing of in Humboldt County.”

It designates anyone caught in violation to be a public nuisance, and as an “immediate threat to and safety,” there are provisions set forth for permanent destruction and removal of the G of MO property. The measure carves out from the ban any buying and selling, , or health care treatments for patients in the county.


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