Hungary incinerates GMO crop


Hungary has taken the unsual step of eradicating 1,000 acres of GMO crops by burning and ploughing the fields to prevent contamination by pollinations. Genetically modified organisms are banned in Hungary. Deputy Secretary and Ministry of Rural Development, Lajos Bognar, specified that there was no indication that the seeds originted directly from Monsanto and that checks will continue despite the fact that traders are mandated to make sure that their products are GMO free.

Hungarian law enacted back in March of 2011 stipulates that before any new seeds are introduced into the market, they must first undergo checks to make sure they are free of GMOs. Seed traders are also required to personally verify that all of their products are free of GMOs before distributing them, especially due to the fact that GMO seeds from Monsanto and Pioneer, two large biotechnology companies, have been found unintentionally intermixed with natural seeds.

The free movement of goods within the EU means that authorities will not investigate how the seeds arrived in Hungary, but they will check where the goods can be found, Bognar said. Regional public radio reported that the two biggest international genetically modified seed producing companies, (including Monsanto and Pioneer), were affected.

Source: Natural Society

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