India implements GM labeling law.



As of January 2013, India has implemented a new labeling law. The new law is based on (DCA), , Food and , issued notification G.S.R. 427 (E) which amended the Legal Metrology (Packaged ) Rules, 2011, in June 2012.

The rule specifies that every package containing food that is genetically engineered shall at the top of its packaging label contain the label and is mainly directed at imported food products.

However, to date the and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued no labeling requirements for foods derived from products of biotechnology in India, which has confused groups and industry leaders as the new labeling law does not specify how the labeling needs to be enforced.

The government modified the packaged rule in January 2013 to factor in threshold weight limits for certain products such as , soap, tea and coffee . Companies have been restricted from selling 19 products at non-standard .

India is the latest country to label products in a global effort to mandate genetic labeling.


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