Indian Scientists Found Guilty of GMO Fraud and Monsanto Gene Seed Contamination

cotton seedsAn expert panel which was asked to investigate the of a variety, (Bikaneri Nerma Bt also known as Bt), revealed that the crop was contaminated with a Monsanto gene.

The report also declared Indian Scientists guilty of commercializing contaminated seeds despite being fully aware of the for years.

The variety that is at issue, Bikaneri Nerma Bt or Bt, was developed by the Nagpur-based Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR) of the (ICAR) and was touted as an alternative to a marketed by Mayco company.

Two years ago, Mayco complained to the ICAR that Bt, in fact contained a gene developed by its partner Monsanto.

Now, the reveals how the Monsanto gene took place and that scientists at various levels tried to cover it up and that the was not accidental. The five- was headed by leading and vice-chancellor S K Sopory.

The report demonstrates that scientists knew about the and yet they went ahead with regulatory approvals and of seeds.

“There were indications prior to commercial release in 2009 that Bt was contaminated. These were not formally brought to the attention of . Neither these indications were followed up appropriately by the scientist who observed them nor was any attention paid by others who came to know of them”, the report has concluded.

“There seemed to extreme hurry to come up with public sector Bt cotton”, it adds.


India Today

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