Kenya bans the Import of all GMO’s with immediate effect.

Public Beth Mugo has immediately directed all Public at all and all other government regulators to enforce the ban on the importation of Genetically Modified Foods into Kenya.

This she says was following the decision made by the cabinet to ban the importation of into the country due to inadequate research done on GMOs and scientific evidence provided to prove the safety of the foods until such a time that the country will certify that they have no negative impacts on the health of consumers.

“Consequently, the government has decided that until such an informed is made, all GMO are completely banned. All relevant government agencies have according been instructed to immediately comply with this directive and enforce the ban on importation of all .”

She urged stakeholders to verify the custom entry documents of food consignments to ascertain that their GMO certificate.

“The protection of the consumer and assurance to the public on the safety of food is extremely important in making decisions about food importation, distribution and consumption. Where there is apprehension and uncertainty with regard to the safety of food products, precautionary measure to protect the health of the people must be undertaken.”

She threatened legal action against those who do not comply with the directive.

” I am therefore, calling upon all stakeholders and government regulators involved in importation of to take note of this directive that no importation of will be allowed into the country until further advice by the and Sanitation.”


Kenya Broadcasting Association

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