LA city council passes GMO ordinance ban.

laThe Los Angeles city council has passed a ban on the sale and planting of crop , as well as the sale of .

The proposal was co-authored by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell and Paul Koretz who described the ban as largely symbolic due to the limited agriculture grown in the city. The purpose is to send a message that Los Angelinos want to return to GMO free food, especially with the growing popularity of urban in the region.

The City Council committee agreed to draft an ordinance imposing the ban. There has been no voiced to the ordinance. The city council passed the ordinance by a twelve to one vote at a meeting held on 10/21/2014.

Supporters of the proposed ban have pointed out that 52% of Los Angeles County voters supported Proposition 37, which failed in 2012, and would have required labeling of in California. Nearly 50 community organizations, business owners and city residents submitted letters to city lawmakers supporting the ban. The motion to pass the ordinance was presented by the two city council members.




LA Times.

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