Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil decreases risk of breast cancer

folicacidA new study published in the JAMA , by the University of Navarra in Pamplona and CIBEROBN in Madrid, Spain, has revealed that supplementing a with reduces the risk of breast cancer in Spanish women.

The study consisted of comparing the impact of consuming , (EVOO), and a low fat diet on 4,282 women. in the two intervention groups were given , (one liter per week for the participants and their families) or mixed nuts (30 grams per day: 15 grams of walnuts, 7.5 grams of hazelnuts and 7.5 grams of almonds).

Women were randomly assigned to the supplemented with EVOO (n=1,476), the supplemented with nuts (n=1,285) or the control diet with advice to reduce their dietary intake of fat (n=1,391).

The indicate that women who consumed a supplemented with EVOO showed a 68 percent lower risk of malignant breast cancer compared to the control diet group. Women eating a supplemented with nuts showed a nonsignificant risk reduction compared with women in the control group.

“The results of the PREDIMED trial suggest a of a MeDiet [] supplemented with EVOO in the primary prevention of breast cancer. Preventive strategies represent the most sensible approach against cancer. The intervention paradigm implemented in the PREDIMED trial provides a useful scenario for breast cancer prevention because it is conducted in primary care centers and also offers beneficial effects on a wide variety of outcomes. Nevertheless, these results need confirmation by long-term studies with a higher number of incident cases,” the authors conclude.


and invasive among women at high cardiovascular risk in the PREDIMED trial, Miguel A. Martinez-Gonzalez et al., JAMA , doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2015.4838, published online 14 September 2015.

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