Minnesota city becomes the first in the state to ban neonicotinoids, passing a bee-safe resolution.

beesShorewood is the first city in Minnesota to approve a city wide policy to refrain from using systemic pesticides. The bee safe resolution includes the ban on neonicotinoid .

The city council is also planting clover in the west metro suburb, to provide and for in three city parks.

The bee safe policy has originated as a result of a grassroots concerned citizen , who pushed the city council to implement protective measures.

The resolution acts as a as the city has never used the chemicals on city property. Mayor Scott Zerby specified that, the policy ensures that the city doesn’t use the chemicals in the future and helps educate the community about creating pollinator-friendly habitats.

“In Shorewood, we take a lot of pride in being innovative,” he said. “In a way, we’re restoring the environment to be more bee-friendly.”



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