Monsanto appeal challenging ban on growing GM crops, thrown out by Mexican judge.

monsantomexicoAcción Colectiva, a collective group consisting of 53 scientists and 22 organizations, was successful in implementing a ban on genetically modified maize in Mexico with an injunction that prohibits Monsanto from growing genetically modified crops in the region. The attorney for the collective, Rene Sanchez Galindo, announced that an appeals court has thrown out Monsanto’s appeal of the injunction.

In September of this year the Twelfth Federal District Court for civil matters handed down an injunction banning the cultivation of GM crops by Monsanto and other biotechnology companies. Judge Jaime Eduardo Verdugo J. cited “the risk of imminent harm to the environment” as the basis for the decision.

The verdict flies in direct contrast to the privileged legal litigation status that Monsanto enjoys in the United States.

The Mexican federal government had allowed trial crops of GM maize to be planted in Mexico since 2009 before the shock decision in September made by the Twelfth Federal District Court for Civil Matters of Mexico City.

The attorney for Acción Colectiva, Sanchez Galindo, announced that “the new court decision will maintain the temporary suspension of all trials and commercial planting of GM maize in Mexico, ordered by the first court ruling in September.”

Father Miguel Concha, the leader of the group, reflected that the Judge’s decision demonstrated a commitment to respect the Precautionary Principle expressed in various international treaties and statements on human rights. Concha emphasized that the government is obliged to protect the human rights of Mexicans against the economic interests of big business.

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