Monsanto granted European Union patent on broccoli. German parliament moved to create law prohibiting the patenting of plants and animals derived from conventional breeding.

The , in response to the , granting a patent on conventional broccoli breeding, moved to pass a bill at the ends of July prohibiting the patenting of derived from conventional breeding.  The bill was implemented to the array of protests from many civil society organizations which requested changes in to prevent such as the recently granted “patent on severed broccoli” from ( 1597965).

Seminis, a subsidiary company owned by , was granted the patent on broccoli derived from conventional breeding, a concept that would be prohibited under U.S. . The plants, which are supposed to make harvesting easier, are derived from conventional cross-breeding and selection. The patent covers the plants, the and the “severed ”.

“We are calling for of our opposition against the patent on ‘severed broccoli’. The EPO and are on a confrontation course with European society”, says Christoph Then for No on ! “We intend to send a that we will not let our food be monopolised.”


No patent for .

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