Monsanto Protection act passed, public outraged.

The H933 passed last week and President signed it into law on Tuesday.

The bill has created a wave of with thousands opposing the bill.

Food activists are outraged over section 735 of the bill, called the Farmer assurance provision, which they are calling the and which they are claiming could harm America’s .

Dave Murphy the founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now, called the bill outrageous. “This is an for ,” Murphy said. “basically opened a new line of credit when they got this thing passed.”

of the bill claim that the eliminates regulatory and removes judicial review, forbidding consumer protection.

“It’s basically a corporate handout to ,” Murphy claimed. “It hurts every farmer. … Every consumer is at risk.”

More than 250,000 people have signed the expressing their at what they call the “ .”

The specifies that the provision “forced to immediately approve any permits for continued planting at the industry’s request, putting industry completely in charge by allowing for a ‘back door approval’ mechanism.”

It is very apparent that consumer voices and protests have gone unheeded.


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