Monsanto is withdrawing from Europe.

mentioned that they are not pushing for the expansion of genetically modified crops into Europe. Opposition to ’s in many countries remains high.

“We’ve come to the conclusion that this has no broad acceptance at the moment,” Germany spokeswoman, Ursula Lüttmer-Ouazane, told Taz.

corporate spokesman Thomas Helscher said on Friday that the company is making it clear that it will only pursue of in areas that provide .

“We’re going to sell the GM seeds only where they enjoy broad , broad political support and a functioning regulatory system,” Helscher told the news origanization . “As far as we’re convinced this only applies to a few today, primarily Spain and Portugal.”

has faced a huge backlash globally including with a world wide global that was held on the 25th of May 2013, where an estimated 2 million supporters voiced their protest over ’s actions. The from Europe represents the companies negative standing in Europe.

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