MS patients at increased risk of developing cancer

mspatientsA new study has investigated the increased risk of developing any in (MS) patients. The prevailing published in the European Journal of Neurology has analyzed information on 1292 patients who were diagnosed with between 1997 and 2010. Each patient was matched with four participants without the condition.

“Our study was a nationwide population-based , and it revealed unexpected findings,” said Dr. Sun.

The showed that individuals with were 85% more likely to develop cancer than the controls. The risk of developing was especially high, with more than a 2-fold increased risk over controls.

The researchers strongly recommend that patients diagnosed with may need to be monitored closely to ensure early detection of cancer.

The data obtained through this study conflicted with other in the field and was attributed to different genetic prevalent in Taiwan which may differ from those in western countries.


L.-M. Sun, C.-L. Lin, C.-J. Chung, J.-A. Liang, F.-C. Sung, C.-H. Kao. Increased risk for patients with : a nationwide population-based . European Journal of Neurology, 2013; DOI: 10.1111/ene.12267

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