Natural Soda maker announces GMO free commitment.

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Reed’s, Inc. has announced that it will voluntary start labeling all of its products as GMO-free. Consumers have been been growing increasingly frustrated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lack of GMO labeling initiative over public health risk concerns and are rewarding companies that are supporting the GMO labeling process.

Reed’s, Inc. has specialized as the top-selling natural sodas in the natural foods industry sold in over 13,000 natural food markets and supermarkets nationwide.

“Since I started my company nearly 30 years ago, I have been committed to brewing our drinks using only the finest ingredients in their most basic form, like fresh ginger root,” said Chris Reed, founder and CEO of Reed’s.

“As a chemical engineer and a foodie, I have always been leery of engineers meddling with food. We have avoided GMOs in our products because we feel they have not been adequately researched. Our customers have been very vocal about GMO ingredients in their food. GMO-free food products are a very fast growing trend in this country, and I can see the natural food industry moving to go completely GMO free in stores in the near future.”

Reed’s has verified its ingredients as non-GMO with all suppliers and will phase in the GMO label over the next year on Reed’s Ginger Brew, Virgil’s Root Beer and Reed’s Culture Club Kombucha.


Reed Inc. Press Release

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