Nesquik recalled due to Salmonella contamination

The has reported that has recalled some of its Nesquik chocolate powder, which may possibly be contaminated with .

No have been reported so far. Nesquik contains produced by and the has been recalled”, due to possible of Salmonella”.

Nestle has limited the Nesquik recall to these specific products:

Production Codes                          Size

2282574810            0 28000 68230 9       40.7 oz. Chocolate


2278574810             0 28000 68090 9       21.8 oz. Chocolate

2278574810           0 28000 67990       10.9 oz. Chocolate

The production code can be located at the bottom of the canister next to the . All of the recalled Nesquik products have an of “BEST BEFORE Oct 2014.”

Consumers are advised not to use the recalled if they have one and can return the product to the store where the item was ought for a full refund, or call Nestle Consumer Services at 800-628-7679.

Omya is a major supplier of worldwide. It has 12 plants in North America, seven of which are in the U.S. Its food-grade is made at its -regulated plant in Superior, Ariz.

Omya is made from . The company recall, issued on Nov. 6 2012, includes seven lots of sold to food producers in bags ranging in weight from 50 pounds to 2,500 pounds.

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