New treatment possible for Leukemia

agar-60571_640Genetic researchers at Washington University, one of the world’s leading centers for work on the were devestated, when their , Dr. Wartman, was diagnosed with the disease, that he had devoted his career to.

Dr. Timothy Ley, the associate director of the University’s , summoned his team and attempted an analysis that has never been tried before. They fully sequenced the genes of both his and healthy cells for comparison, and at the same time analyzed his , a close to DNA, for clues to what his genes were doing. They found the , a normal gene, that was excessively producing huge amounts of a protein that appeared to be spurring the cancer’s growth.

The research team adminstered a new drug that might shut down the malfunctioning gene – a drug that had been tested and approved only for advanced . Dr. Wartman became the first person ever to take it for and now his cancer is in since last fall.



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