Oregon Department of Agriculture issues fines for the application of imidacloprid as a result of 1000 bee deaths.

beesThe Oregon Department of Agriculture, (ODA), is cracking down on companies that contribute to the decline of the bee population. Glass Tree Care and Spray Service Inc., was fined $ 10,000 in civil penalties. In addition, the applicator, James P. Mischkot, Jr., was issued a $6,000 civil penalty.

The company is accused of gross negligence and violating a professional standard of care as they applied the pesticide to the trees in full bloom in the full knowledge that they were attracting pollinators.

ODA has defined the reasonable standard of care for pesticide application activities in Oregon as including anticipating the presence of pollinators in Oregon. In 2013 a label requirement was implemented stating that pesticide products containing imidacloprid and dinotefuran were prohibited from being applied to linden trees and other Tilia species. The label amendment was a response to high-profile bee deaths last year in which 50,000 bumblebees, were found dead or dying in Wilsonville due to use of dinotefuran, followed by the deaths of hundreds of bees a week later after the same pesticide was used in the neighboring town of Hillsboro.

Eugene Oregon was the first community in the United States to specifically ban from city property the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, recognizing the adverse impact on the bee population.


News release: ODA issues civil penalties in Eugene bee death incident

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