Post Cereal goes GMO free.

post cerealPost Foods is following the lead of which earlier this month announced that it would be producing free original cheerios.

Consumer demand has been particularly vociferous for free products despite the lack of response to labeling and the organic market is estimated to reach $ 50 billion in sales by 2018.

The will be verified as free by a third party. “Post has released a non- verified Grape-Nuts that is on the as of January 2014. Also, we are exploring some of our other cereals to see if there is potential going forward to add more non- verified products to the Post Foods product line. We are always listening to our consumers and looking for ways to provide a good variety of products.”

Post Foods has responded to consumer transparency requests and the desire to know what exactly they are eating. Other retailers are expected to follow suit with announcing that it is increasing its range of -free products. The company has made a commitment that all with will be labeled as such by 2018. Trader Joe’s has confirmed that 80% of its products are -free, while all its private label products are free from .

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