Prostate Cancer impacted by healthy vegetable fats.

A new study by UC San Francisco has determined that men diagnosed with prostate cancer may sigfinicaly elevate their survival rates by substituting healthy — such as olive and canola oils, nuts, seeds and avocados — for and carbohydrates,  Men diagnosed with the  disease had a markedly lower risk of developing lethal prostate cancer and dying from other causes.

The  study examined nearly 4,600 men with non- and was published online on June 10 in JAMA Internal Medicine. “Consumption of and nuts increases plasma antioxidants and reduces insulin and inflammation, which may deter ,” said lead author Erin L. Richman, ScD, a post- in the of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. “The beneficial effects of and harmful effects of saturated and trans fats on cardiovascular health are well known,” Richman said. “Now our research has shown additional potential benefits of consuming among men with prostate cancer.”

“Overall, our findings support counseling men with prostate cancer to follow a heart-healthy diet in which are replaced with and nuts to reduce the risk of all-,” said Richman.

Source: Erin L. Richman et al. Fat Intake After Diagnosis and Risk of Lethal Prostate Cancer and All-Cause MortalityFat Intake After Lethal Prostate Cancer. JAMA Internal Medicine, 2013; : 1 DOI:

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