South Korea and Japan suspend U.S. wheat GMO imports after GMO field discovery in Oregon.

Japan and have partially suspended US wheat imports after genetically modified crops that have never been approved were discovered in Oregon, officials and representatives said on Friday. Both countries planned to implement further testing including the European Union.

The strain of wheat, specifically designed to be resistant to ’s pervasive Roundup weedkiller, was never commercially developed by as did not want to risk from their biggest .

Investors drove down the price of shares by 4 percent on in May 2013 as joined Japan in suspending imports of U.S. wheat.

Both temporarily suspended imports of soft white US wheat, which is used mainly to make baked goods and noodles, but did not cancel other wheat imports from the United States, U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) and the National Association of (NAWG) have both stated.

Japan is the largest importer of , followed by Nigeria, Mexico, , the Philippines and the European Union.

Other countries including in the Philippines have said they are monitoring the situation.


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