Supreme Court to hear Patenting Human Genome Case.

The Supreme Court is to hear Association for v. Myriad Genetics, Inc. in 2013.

This case is about whether human isolated genes can be patented. Myriad genetics isolated two related genes, BRCA or BRCA1-2, which have been correlated to increase the of .

Myriad created genetic testing at a and prevented other companies and from providing genetic testing, citing .

The research community is concerned as to the effect gene patents will have on the of medical research, as well as the accessibility of lifesaving that rely on the use of patented genes.

Genes that are isolated from organisms and from the are considered part of a public domain. They are not genetically modified genes that have been created, rather they are isolates from the .

This case could have a far reaching impact on mandating specific type of genetic testing which would be out of reach for the general at population if one company could cite for patenting a component of the .


Supreme Court docket files.


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