About Us

Welcome to Food Exposed.

We are consumers, parents and food lovers concerned about what is in our food, how it is made, and how it affects us.

Some of including our children have recovered from chronic illnesses or are still on the road to recovery.

Food, or what has been in the food we eat has had a dramatic impact on our health.

This blog has no pharmaceutical or sponsored agenda. It is, as it proclaims, a blog about food exposed in South Africa.

Please use the contact us, comments or or twitter to interact with or the authors. We’ll do our best to reply timeously wherever possible.

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    One thought on “About Us

    • December 21, 2013 at 7:39 pm

      Has there been any feedback from Bokomo Foods about their GM Pronutro? Do they have plans to remove the GM component? I’ve been eating Pronutro since the 70s … mixed with several spoons of wheat germ, muesli and oat bran it doesn’t taste too bad. That raises the question, is the wheat germ, oat bran and muesli also GM. What CAN we eat?

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