Africa, Monsanto’s Guinea Pig.

africa-gmo-warningThe African Center for Biosafety (ACB) has released a report detailing the history and current efforts of Monsanto in Africa.The report can be accessed here.

Monsanto’s controversial , MON 810, which met with severe backlash in South Africa due to massive insect crop resistance failed in South Africa after a fifteen year battle. The maize has been withdrawn from the SA market and were compensated by Monsanto for having to increase their pesticide use to deal with the mutated crop resistant insects.

Now Monsanto has focused its efforts on other African Countries using the African continent as a guinea pig to create a devastating environmental impact. According to the ACB report, Monsanto has now donated its MON810 ‘royalty-free’ to a Gates Foundation/Monsanto funded ‘philanthropic’ project, Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA). WEMA is being rolled out in Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The catastrophic defective is set to be approved for commercial growing by 2015, with field trials of MON810 already implemented in Kenya and Uganda.

The Director of the ACB, Mariam Mayet, commented on Monsanto’s environmental impact ‘Monsanto got the science completely wrong on this one. Independent biosafety scientists have discovered that the inheritance of resistance in African stem borers is a dominant, not recessive, trait as erroneously assumed. Hence the insect resistance management strategies that Monsanto developed, and accepted by our regulators, based on these erroneous assumptions, were utterly ineffective.’



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    2 thoughts on “Africa, Monsanto’s Guinea Pig.

    • October 25, 2013 at 2:44 pm

      Owen ‘Mshengu’ Greenland 12 June 06:21

      We already have GM foods grown in the country, by Monsanto and other multi-nationals, brought in for the holy grail of the FDA and DOA. Our foodstuffs are not labelled – but hopefully will soon. Liquor licences are still the easiest and fastest thing you can get – and this has not changed since the days of apartheid. Brown bread is regarded with suspicion by most people – or low class (that’s what we eat, my missus and I). What else? Diet drinks. I can’t comment as I don’t drink them. We’re in trouble man. Who brought in GM food and companies? One intellectual president called Thabo Mbeki, who should have known better. President Zuma I would (perhaps) excuse, but not Mbeki. zuma like i did not go to school, but he knows a thing or two about how to survive. If only he could use those skills for the country! Alas, it’s too good a dream!

      Now … if only they could be more vigilant regarding additives in imported foods (GE/GM) like High Fructose Corn Syrup and other “obese” inducing crap – together with Aspartame, Splenda, Equal, Canderal, Neotame and other sugar substitutes which harbour grehlin and other toxic/carcinogenic poisons – found in many-many foodstuffs and Diet Drinks – that America loads many foodstuffs – most available in poorer/low-income communities. This is one of the greatest deceptions imposed upon blacks and native Americans – together with a liquor store on almost every corner in Downtown DC and poorer neighbourhoods – together with low-quality fast food establishments – magnanimously targeting the poorer people of the US of A … To get a decent loaf of brown bread is almost impossible in major cities.

      But the burning crux of the matter is – how many farmers have become subjected to numerous after-affects of these inherent toxins, carcinogens and other GM additives that have stripped them of the very core – depleted them of their natural immune system … stripped them of their natural ability to fight off bacterial infection and common viruses.

      I have been fighting against these evils since 1988 when I envisaged their potential threat … the inexcusable crime against (not only) humanity – but all life forms on earth, sea and air.


    • October 31, 2013 at 2:47 pm

      Hi, My name is Raberoan, I live in Argentina, and I know very well what’s going on in Afrika too.
      Unfortunately my mother language is Spanish, and I would like to explain better what is happening in my country. You know, many people don’t care about this because they do not believe in the problems this seeds and enviroment problems we have are foro this murders Monsanto. Unfortunately the cancer is growing more and more.
      Even though people don’t want to think about, but the life is on the table now, Do they want to play? because I don’t. Thw world do not need this Murders and these evil seeds.
      Some Links about what happened lately in the world about Argentina and Monsanto.


      Best Regards.



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